Is there a Rachio supply line shut off valve wifi connectable to the controller?

I have recently had a leak in one of my irrigation valve box pvc manifolds that caused water to continue to flow regardless of whether an irrigation program was running. One of my friends says he knows of a valve that could be installed to keep water from flowing if the controller is not turning on zones. Ideally such a valve would communicate with the controller and shut off if no zones were programmed to run. Is there such a product that could be installed ahead of all valves and which would wirelessly communicate with my Rachio controller?

It sounds like you are talking about a master valve. The master valve gets wired into the ‘M’ terminal (and Common) of the Rachio and then needs to be enabled in the app. Whenever a zone is turned on, the master gets turned on which opens the master valve too. When no zone is on, the master valve is turned off. A master valve is usually available wherever you get your other sprinkler valves. Does that sound like it will fit for your needs?

Yes, that’s what I mean. I was hoping there would be one that could be installed and activated wirelessly to my Rachio.


Like a wireless valve? If so, I have not seen such a thing, unfortunately. Power for the valve might be the issue. However, I know some have talked about doing a DIY.

So I need a valve that can be electronically controlled. Is the “M” terminal the common or in addition to it?


I have not found a valve that is anything other than wired. It would need use both the ‘M’ and ‘C’ terminals. The main valve is similar to a regular zone valve.

Ok. Thanks.


I would like to see integration of FLO by Moen WiFi main water supply shutoff value into this system, but it would take some effort…

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Integration with Flo would awsome!