Is there a limit to the number of zones that can be controlled?

I have two controllers that control 16 and 6 zones respectively

How many zones does one Iro controller manage?

@mistral‌ We sell 8 and 16 zone units. You can control multiple devices through our webapp, but we do not support logical chaining at this time. Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions!

I need 9 zones. Do I have to buy another controller?

@dcerick‌ Following up with our wiring professional to see what your options are. Thanks!

@dcerick‌ We can combine two zones together; biggest issue when doing so to make sure we have enough pressure going to each zone. Do you have two drip zones or small turf zones we could combine? The smaller the two zones and the same hydrozone ( the better. Let me know if this helps and/or if you have any questions/concerns.