Is there a delay before PWS appears in Rachio from Wunderground

Good day,

I have a new Davis Vantage Vue PWS posting to wunderground at this URL as of yesterday June 13.

I still cannot see it in Rachio list of PWS.

Is there a delay before it will appear? Or could it be another issue?

Please advise, Thanks

And I have a Gen 3 to be clear


I have reached out to IBM/WU to help determine why your station is not showing up. I verified we are not receiving that data from our geocode API call which retrieves stations close to your residence based on lat/long coordinates.

I will relay information as soon as get it.


Thank you / if you need any more information from me Please advise, Thanks


Our contact at IBM/WU replied and your station should be online in the next day or so.

The queue for ingesting the new PWS stations is backed up 2 days. If the station went live yesterday, then it should become available in location/near by tomorrow or the following day.

Please let your customer know they should see the data any time!

Thanks for your patience!


Well I am on day 3 and still not listed in Rachio pws choices.


I’ll followup with IBM/WU on Monday, unfortunately that part of the Rachio weather integration is out of our control. Hopefully they can get the station to be visible asap.


@Dwiniger What is your WU station ID?



Hmmmm. Still in invisible mode out here in Indiana.

PWS is visible in most online clouds but not in Rachio.

Nerd mode engaged.


Add yet another day…

Same here - nothing on IEDMONTO91. The subject of original thread.

I feel ya…I have a similar thread telling me any day now…

Thought this would have been the easy part.

I followed up with IBM today as I mentioned in an earlier thread. This is the response I received from them. Please understand this is completely out of our control and we are doing our best to relay this information to IBM as we receive feedback.

Apparently the station is still backlogged and has not caught up in the time frame expected. The team is going to attempt to flush the current queue tomorrow to try to get this update in. After the queue is flushed, it will take a minimum of 48 hours for the cache to clear.

We are actively watching this station to ensure it starts to update!

Thank you for sending over all the details and again I apologize for any inconvenience!


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Visible in Rachio as of this morning!




I’m still waiting …

@bdcomeau It just showed up :wink:



I’m seeing it appear and disappear, assuming they are still “flushing” the cache of their servers.