Is the wireless flow meter needed for me?

I am just wondering before I purchase my Rachio 3 if I need a wireless flow meter or not (seeing how it is pricey). I have about 5000 sq ft lawn, and 8 zones roughly for my inground sprinklers. I live in NW Indiana. Could someone explain to me why I would want/need to wireless flow meter? Or would I be sufficient just having the Rachio 3 for my house?.

Thank You.

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I have yet to buy mine (though I anticipate doing so shortly). However, I believe it has two main benefits. First and I believe most importantly, it will alert you to a leak and will automatically shut off your sprinkler system. Having personally experienced a serious sprinkler head leak, I can attest that addressing the situation fast and early saves a lot of money and potential flood damage. Second, the WFM will also do a much better job in gauging your water use.

@Bgman Nailed it, those are the main value propositions.



I have customers changing from the 2nd Gen to Gen 3 just because of the flow sensor and it’s capabilities. I recommend the Gen 3 to anyone that may want to add the WFM at time of installation or at a later date.

The auto shut off makes it worth it. I am in an area where water is expensive. The auto shut off makes the difference of being able to afford watering another day or having to cut it short due to many wasted gallons due to an unexpected leak.


Thanks for the info. The 2 irrigation people I’ve talked to in NW Indiana both told me its over kill for a 5000 sq ft lawn in a residential neighborhood, to have a flow meter. Appreciate the input though, still deciding on the purchase.