Is Seasonal Shift skipped if in Standby Mode?

I’m using Fixed scheduling, and usually on the first of the month I get an email regarding Seasonal Shift changes for each of my three schedules.

I didn’t get these on March 1, but because of all the rain we’ve had here in SoCal I put the system in Standby in February. Is that why no Seasonal Shift messages? And what will happen when I take it out of Standby in the middle of a month … maybe in the next few days, but definitely in April if not? Will it apply March 1 Shift right away, or wait and adjust to the next month on the next first of the month?


@isisdave I don’t believe we send notifications when in standby mode but the schedule will continue to adjust each month. If you go to the calendar view and navigate between months you can actually see it dynamically shifting from month-to-month. Hope this helps.