Is Rachio still shipping product?

Hi folks, we re-sodded a big part of our yard on the 22nd of April, and discovered our current controller wasn’t working well, so in a rush, I ordered a Rachio 3 directly from the company.

We got a shipping notice the next day, and waited anxiously for the controller to arrive, but a couple of days later we noticed that while a shipping label had been created, no device was sent.

I emailed support on the 27th asking for an update, to which we got a reply that we’d hear back in 24-48 hours. We didn’t.

So I emailed again on the 29th, begging for an update as our new sod is dying, got an automated email saying we’d hear back within 48 hours.

Emailed again on May 1st, asking them to cancel the order so I can order the Costco version… still nothing.

I’m at my wits end here. We’ve got over $200 spent on a product that doesn’t appear to exist, with a company that won’t respond. I can’t afford to buy a second controller and hope that the first is refunded.

Is there anyone at Rachio that can help with this?

I can’t answer your main concern, but In the meantime you should do the fail safe thing and manually turn on the valves/bleed valve & set a timer to water the lawn. You could also find out the valves a or water supply (is the supply valve open?) are at issue and not the the controller.

Thank you for taking the time to answer Kubisuro.

The current controller is letting us manually run zones one at a time, as long as we manually set the run time. Given that each zone needs to be watered twice per day (and preferably one of those in the wee hours of the morning), we’re having a hard time keeping up, and the grass isn’t doing well.

Appreciate the input though!

I don’t mind ordering a new Rachio from somewhere else, it’s the not knowing that’s driving us crazy.

Okay glad it is getting some water but sucks. Shipping during Covid-19 seems perilous. Hopefully someone can provide some information about your shipment or cancel it so you can get a controller locally.


Thank you for taking the time to help out with the community.

Much appreciated.

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Hopefully this gets resolved today… good luck!