Is Rachio going out of business?

I’ve observed an increase in glitches within the app. Unfortunately, my attempts to reach out to their email support have gone unanswered for a significant period, and I’ve encountered random disconnections during phone support calls.

Additionally, there’s a peculiar development where they seem to be promoting unrelated generic ecommerce products, such as umbrellas, to their audience of lawncare enthusiasts via email.

This series of occurrences strikes me as quite unusual. It’s uncertain whether these events are merely coincidental or indicative of something else.

I would not say they are anywhere close to going out of business. I know they are working on several things as they have talked about some of them. I am not sure what glitches you have been having, but have not personally experienced any nor have I noticed any increase here in the forums. I am guessing they might be out on holiday, extremely busy, or something with some unanswered messages from me lately.

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Let’s hope so.
They thrust these stupid useless gadgets on the professional irrigation community without knowing anything about irrigation.
My guess is, based on the app and how it’s designed, it was programmed by a bunch of egghead’s in an office somewhere that have never worked an irrigation timer in their life.
Most useless pieces of junk on the market.

What issues are you seeing with the app?

Do you have any feedback on how it could be made better? The team is always listening.

Dang, that hurts.