Is Rachio Down


My controller is offline all day. My Wi-Fi works just fine. I have tried positively everything multiple times except a factory reset. Could not have come at a worst time. Help! Is your network down? Plus my transformer is hot. Will need to take down your controller and reinstall my Toro Evolution.


Just checked mine, and it’s online.


Cannot figure out what to do. Maybe it will come back online by morning. I’ve reset my router, rebooted my modem and have followed all the troubleshooting steps.


Hey @robertokc -
We haven’t heard of any issues from any other customers- I’m going to look at your device logs and see if I can figure something out. Which lights are blinking on your controller?
McKynzee :rachio:



I’m sure we can get you back online, there are no known issues at this time.

As @mckynzee mentioned, what error from the app and lights are blinking on the controller?



No error message. It just says offline. Light one is solid and second light is blinking.
I have:
Reset my router
Unplugged the controller multiple times.
Pressed the buttons until all blue is lit in the circle plus the first light.


Second light.


Thank you.



The first thing I would try is a WiFi reset.

This will help you get the controller into WiFi reset mode

Then you will perform the WiFi reset in the app (Device Settings --> Update Wi-Fi Network).

Let us know how that goes.



Thanks. I have done this at least a dozen times. Maybe it will be up tomorrow.



What happens during the Update Wi-Fi Network process in the app?



It fails
I did a factory reset this morning and registered under a new email. It still won’t come up. Could the device be defective?


Taking down Rachio after work tonight. Reinstalling my previous controller. I liked the Wi-Fi feature but must have water. Unless you can do something to assist.



Thanks for your patience and I found your help ticket in our support system, I’ve notified the team and they will assist you today. If the unit is defective we can overnight a new one to you.




Couple other suggestions. I noticed that you were using Android for activating the controller.

  • If you have an iOS device I would try that. The activation process is a little different (just power cycle the controller before doing that and wait until the second blue light is flashing)

  • If you only have Android I would try factory reset again and immediately try activating through the Android app (after the second blue light is flashing)

The support team can assist more today. We will get your issue resolved with the existing controller or just send you a replacement unit today.



Hi Franz
I am downtown now, so I cannot do anything more until I get home. My only devices are Android; however my PC is Windows. I will give your suggestions a try.



Well, I change my Wi-Fi to standard Belkin (no 5 GHz). The activation appears to start working then I get an error code to forget Wi-Fi settings. So I forget Radio and try again. Fails and fails. I’ve unplugged the unit, then pressed the buttons until the ring and one light are blue, release and wait until the second light blinks. Then I try activation again. This has never happened before. Usually if Wi-Fi goes down, eventually Rachio will come back online without a problem. So sorry to bring you problems.



Ok not a problem. I’ll have the support team work with you and everything will be resolved today.




The team has a new controller being shipped overnight so you should be good to go.

If you have any other issues or feedback please let us know.