Is my soil moisture right?

I am a new Gen 3 owner as of about a month ago. Got it installed and setup and so far its only run once because it has rained so much. Tomorrow was my next predicted watering so I decided to try and do a catch cup test. Went out tonight to put the cans down and realized my yard was pretty water logged. As I was walking around the zone I could hear the earth squish under my feet. That’s a pretty solid sign it doesn’t need water right? It had just rained about 2 hours ago for about an hour and was pretty heavy. WI said said .14 inches. It is also saying on Wed it will water another zone so I went and walked around that one and its also squishing. . . although a little less. Could it be that all the water is still sitting at the surface and it really does need water, or have I done something wrong with my configuration and Rachio can’t tell accurately how much soil moisture I have?

I live in Massachusetts and have set tomorrow’s zone to be cool season grass, loam, lots of sun, and a slight slope which I think is pretty accurate. Since it has only run once a couple weeks ago, over irrigation shouldn’t be a factor. There is a pretty good sized tree that provides shade to part of the lawn, but even the areas I wouldn’t think are getting a lot of shade feel water logged. The shady parts do feel a little more mushy. I also have been keeping a loose eye on the amount of precipitation Rachio is logging and that feels pretty accurate too.

Any suggestions on how to make Rachio think I am losing water slower than it currently thinks which would raise the moisture level? If it still is predicting a run tomorrow when I go to bed I will just skip it.

EDIT: Just checked and the moisture shot way up. Precipitation now registers . 36 so rained harder than I thought. Schedule still shows it would water tomorrow but I assume it would adjust during the next check before it runs. . . but going to skip just in case. Zone says 72% full, bit I’d think it’s 100% so still open to suggestions.

The easiest lever to change is crop coefficient. If you decrease that by 5%-10% it will tell the system the plant is burning less moisture. It does not change duration just frequency. After changing that value you can look at the moisture graph simulator for next two weeks and see what the new frequency looks like. Here is some more information on adjustments.



Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Went out last night and the soil was still quite damp to the touch, but not squishy, so I went ahead and lowered by 10% (to 70) and the schedule adjusted by a day. Unfortunately it adjusted again overnight and ran this morning. I’m wondering if the zone doesn’t get as much sun as I think it does.