Is Meter Hero legit and trust worthy?

Just curious if anyone has used and is it trust worthy. I am a little hesitant to give access to my utility logins.

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I don’t know because I would never willingly create an additional attacking vector for myself

Hi guys,
I’m the Founder of MeterHero, so I thought I’d just follow up briefly. We are legit (though admittedly a small startup). We’ve been on NPR and were featured in CNN today.

We take security seriously. Obviously anytime you do anything online there are risks. But we take great care to minimize those.

Feel free to follow up with any more questions.



Yes sir, and I mean no offense, I have an easier time with a rachio type service because I have had to turn over zero indicative information (zip?) so a gnarly security breach may result in a burnt yard or an insane water bill. Not access to a highly valuable source of identity verification information ( if understand your value proposition correctly)
But I’ll be paying close attention, this looks really cool.
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I signed up. I’ll bet you guys are just swamped by new users though aren’t you?

I’m curious to see how long it takes for my utility information to be approved.

Tell me your email and I’ll fast track you:)

Got it…

Thanks a bunch! I’ll be sure to post my thoughts once I’ve given it a run. Seems like a neat program.

Initial thoughts are good! Its fun to see my history data in a visual form. My gas and power companies have a visualization option in their system, but my water utility does not, so its especially fun to see it there. Very conveinent.
I’ll let you guys know how the rebate stuff goes. We are always trying to trim our utility costs. We have a nest and just got the Rachio Iro, so it will be fun to compare performance over previous years.

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From my experience, MeterHero is both legit and trust-worthy. I signed up this spring, and so far they’ve deposited $57.67 into my PayPal account. When I’ve noticed data seemed to be incorrect, they have quickly researched and made corrections. The only real work on my part (no fault of MeterHero) is that I have to send in a PDF copy of my water bill for them to manually input. This is due to the fact that my water company has no online billing capacity.

So, those are my anecdotal but real-live observations.

Edit for PS: I see that Rachio is the featured sponsor on the MeterHero site. Seems like a good fit.


I just got my first “rebate” of $10.67. Went straight into my paypal account. This is a great service. I look forward to checking my usage all in one place here.