Is it worth upgrading from 2 to 3?

I just bought the version 2 this spring. Love it!!! I want to know what’s changed from V2 to V3? I do not use the flow control valve or anything else. what are the advantages to upgrading? are they worth spending the money?

@dbow32 - here are the changes that I’m aware of:

  1. Weather Intelligence +
  2. 5 GHz WiFi band
  3. Improved wiring terminal
  4. On unit run, pause and skip buttons.

See ->

Wireless flow meter :wink:


I love the leak detection and low flow features.They only accompany the valve shut off when a major leak is detected when you push the button to allow that part of the feature.

The low flow alerts allow me to see if a valve fails to open or if nozzles are getting clogged due to hard water.

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