Is it possible to water partially based on rainfall?

I was trying to find out if it’s possible to water for less than the “full” time based on rainfall. Let’s say I want to water long enough for 0.5" to be applied, but recent rainfall totaled 0.3". Is it possible to have the controller automatically water just long enough to apply another 0.2"? Or is the rain delay an all-or-nothing function?

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What schedule are you currently running?

Hi @FlyBallz!

This is actually one of the benefits of our Flex Schedules. The way that Weather Intelligence works is that your Rachio will determine whether or not to water based on your current Available Water (AW) and Allowed Depletion (AD) thresholds. If your region experiences rainfall, but not enough to exceed your Allowed Depletion % of a particular zone, your schedule should automatically adjust to water to meet your desired moisture level.

For more information about how this works, please see our Support Article on Advanced Zone Settings.

Hope this helps!

@tmcgahey I’m running fixed days schedules. I tried flexible daily at first but the lawn wasn’t getting enough water and turned brown.

@mitchell Thank you for the link, I’ll read that over and see if there’s anything that will help with the issue I mentioned above when I tried a flexible schedule.

If this is the case, then it wasn’t set up quite right. Flex daily does take a bit of work, but when you get it dialed in, it is pretty amazing. If it is something you want to tackle, we can help you out. Most common offenses are incorrect soil settings and nozzle settings. All the others are fine tuning, but those seem to be the most common issues.

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