Is it possible to schedule a one time watering?

Each month my lawn maintenance guy comes by on a random morning, sprays the lawn, and leaves me a note to water the lawn that night.

I then proceed to forget to water the lawn each time.

Is there a way to schedule a one time run? Ideally I’d like to go in right when he leaves me the note, select quick run, set the zones and say what time I want it to start. But alas, I haven’t figured out how to do the ‘say what time I want it to start’.

Am I missing an option somewhere or is this not an available feature?

You can but you’ll need to set up a fixed schedule. Simply set up a fixed schedule with a start date the day the water needs applied, end date for the next day. Set the the time to be sometime during the schedule’s start day (say, 10pm). Set all days as water days, set water duration, and disable any weather intelligence. I’m not sure what would happen if the controller is watering when the end date comes around…
Finally, confirm that the next water date for your target zones is showing your evening watering the day of.

In the future, you can reuse that fixed schedule. Edit the schedule and simply change the start and end dates.

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Thanks! Not as easy as it could be but it will work. Appreciate it!

You’re welcome. Maybe the first time you do this, make sure the controller doesn’t try to water again on the end date. If it does, disable the schedule or skip that watering. I’ve never used an end date so I’m not sure if it stops watering that day or that’s the last day it’ll water. I might be thinking too much LOL