Is it possible to copy the settings of one zone to another?

Due to some miscommunication, the wires for my valves got moved around. I’ve worked out which wire is going to each zone now, and the next logical step is to update all the zone descriptions to match.

However, the zone number is fixed to be the specific valve number on the controller. I can’t just take my zone named “North vegetable bed” that used to be on zone 2 and move it to zone 3 to follow the wire. Instead, it appears I need to go update every single zone as if it were brand new and give it all the information it needs.

A copy function would be a lot easier and less error-prone.

This happened partly because I had the vegetable garden split into two zones, and rather than put the other half on a previously unused control, apparently they moved all of the wires up one position to make room to put the other half of the garden on the valve next to the first half.

That likely does help when trying to identify which valve in the row on the manifold is which circuit.

But it is causing me some frustration today.

Honestly, if you already have the zones set up, the easier thing might be to just move the wiring around to match what you have set up in the app…


That is what I decided to do, still yet to do is a set of labels for the wires at each valve identifying the zone.
Not that anyone else doing maintenance will even look at a label, mind you.

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