Is IFTTT supposed to be immediate?

I’ve been polling my rachio frequently, just to get the status of whether it’s watering or not (did this in both SmartThings and now Hubitat). I thought I would try using the IFTTT integration to see if I could push the event from Rachio into my Hubitat as a virtual on/off switch:

I ran a manual water for 3 minutes, and did not see the IFTTT trigger fire at all, with no activity reflected in IFTTT. I tried dropping and reauthorizing the Rachio integration, recreated my applet in IFTTT, but no change.

Does Rachio not push events to IFTTT, is it still a polling issue like I’ve been dealing with before?

@talz13 That looks to be a defect (I was able to reproduce). I’ll have the engineering team review and determine how to correct.


@talz13 Argh, this always confuses me. Only scheduled schedules will trigger this event. If the schedule is manually run or runs at its predetermined time this will trigger. Quick run zones will not trigger this event.


Thanks for the confirmation, but would it be possible to implement a trigger on any type of watering / whenever the Rachio turns on?

With the current design of schedules not at this time.


Ok, I will continue to use a 1-minute refresh script on my Hubitat to keep the device status up to date in the meantime :grinning:

@talz13 We also have webhooks that will send an offline notification that should be much easier than polling for health.