Irritrol slim dial wiring

There are 2-3 wires in each of the 2 AC slots. Only one common and then 2 in each zone. I’ve not seen this in other pics. Can anyone assist where all the AC move to and do I put both wires in each zone in each Rachio zone as well?

@JKirkChavez - the big white wires on the AC do not get used in the Rachio. Not knowning what else is installed (rain sensor?) I can’t comment on the smaller wires going into the AC terminals. For the zone wires, I’d put both in the Rachio zone terminals.

Run a quick test using the Irritrol to make sure all the zones work before migrating to the Rachio. This will help in troubleshooting if a zone doesn’t work.

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@DLane thank you!
I have confirmed the two red going to AC and 1 brown in common are coming from the rain sensor as shown in pic. Can I disregard all of these which would leave nothing in common?
The blue one going to AC as well as some of the second wires I zone are coming out of the plug shown in picture, which hasn’t been connected to anything since we bought the house.
All zones are working as expected right now.

@JKirkChavez - thanks for the additional pictures, I think they gave me the clues to answer all of your questions.

  1. Cut the zip tie holding the cable going to the DB-15 plug in the bottom picture. Any wire in that cable can be removed from the setup. I think all the small silver color, stranded wires in the zone terminals will be these wires.

  2. There should be a white wire coming from the rain sensor. I think there is a wire nut where this wire is connected to another wire coming from the field wire. Put the the other wire into the Rachio C terminal (disconnect the wire nut and the white wire from the rain sensor).

  3. If you want to install the rain sensor here are the instructions:

TLDR: White and one Red to VAC -, the other Red to VAC +, Brown to S1 (and enable Sensor 1 to be a rain sensor in the Racho app).

@DLane appreciate the support. I am up and running all zones.