Irrigation / water manager - suggestions

I am a licensed Irrigator in the state of Texas. I have installed one of these at my home to test and installed two for clients.
Not sure if this should be in product suggestions or pro-utility.

  1. It would be nice to have an area in the forum for professional landscapers and licensed irrigators to discuss some of the finer details without wading through some of the more basic questions on the forum. Nothing personal but there are some pretty advanced things the controller does. It would be nice to not have to filter through all of the forum to find a discussion at a higher level of knowledge.

  2. It would be nice to have a web interface for controllers managed by landscapers.
    a> create some schedule templates to apply to our clients rather than having to create them all 100% from scratch - set some of our own defaults as wells watering schedules based on watering restrictions.
    b> one aspect of programming I do not see is times not allowed to water. In my area which is pretty universal across most cities in the DFW area is no watering allowed between 10 AM and 6 PM which is peak demand for the utility. While I like the canned, finish before sunrise but what if I need to water in the evening to catch up because of high winds or low temps? Most cities do restrict DOW watering can occur too. Some do odd and even addresses while others use trash pick up days.
    c> it would be nice to see a summary of any alarms of the controllers shared to my account. Thinking in terms of a more robust water management website. I get an alarm because the water flow is high as an example or anything else a monitored system would want to flag to the service company.

Welcome to the forum! I too am a Texas licensed irrigator. I think you’re in the right place for any question you may have about the controller. There are first time users and Rachio veterans here. I have learned that the Rachio users on this forum are or have become the best resources for any question you may have. And Rachio support is the best!

When I install a new controller for someone I always give them a help sheet with several helpful links to this forum. Because when I’m not directly available to answer a question, I know this forum will have an answer.

The community has been around a few years now. Do a search and see if any of your questions might have an answer.

Here’s the web interface:

I haven’t logged into the web app in a while. I’m not sure how it looks or acts currently.


Welcome. There is a specific time setting in the controller. Didn’t know if you saw that

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True, and I have used it. One thing I noticed though is that the seasonal schedule adjustments over ride the time so my zones are no longer running at the 6:00 am time I originally started. It really doesn’t matter to me but it might if we had watering restrictions. I have adopted a “let Rachio do it” policy and my lawn looks better than anyone else in the neighborhood. I have only had to override the algorithm once or twice when it was really hot and windy. Other than that, the set it and forget it technique works really well with this controller.