Irrigation Time Selection

I have been using the Rachio for several years and love it. I love the specificity that you can enter the plant type, soil, emitter, your zip, etc to help allow for adjustment, however, the user still has ultimately pick a run time. Why is that? I would like to see a recommend watering time base for the week [say 30 minutes total/week, or something to that effect] to help as a jumping off point for choosing an appropriate watering time. If I have something too long or too short, the Rachio will shorten/lengthen based on season or weather but I would expect it still is going to be too much or too little…

For every schedule type (fixed, flexible monthly, flexible daily) we do actually recommend minutes and adjust the duration every month for fixed schedules, duration and frequency for flexible monthly schedules, and 100% dynamic frequency adjustment for flexible daily schedules.

Hope this helps.


Sorry I didn’t know that was available now. When I initially setup with the version 1, there wasn’t a recommendation I believe.

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