Irrigation System Help Needed

Hey all! Been using Rachio for a couple years and I love it! Last year I did an update of my sprinkler systems (new valves, replaced some piping that was leaking, new sprinkler heads, etc etc) and I just realized I may have put in an incorrect part. Reaching out for ideas.

My system works as so…
-From inside my home I have a manual shut off valve for winter with a drain on it.
-Line goes outside into a box with both a blowout connection and one of these (this is where I think I messed up)
-Then goes to another bigger box with the valves to each zone
(Of course it’s all hooked into a Rachio 3 ;P)

I was using the ASVF Series valve as the master/backflow but looking at it again this year it seems it may not be made for that. I found one that might work but I’m not entirely sure. .

Ideas? Helpful advice? Things that need to be added?

Thanks in advance!

Anti-Siphon valves are not meant to be used in front of other valves. You need a backflow preventer like this.


You can install a normal irrigation valve to act as a master valve, but that anti-siphon needs to go.

It depends on local rules/regs.
From a technical standpoint, the anti-siphon valve will be fine as a master valve, just make sure it is large enough. Realize the non-running valves might run some water briefly (1 sec or less) during manifold pressurization. There is no discernible difference between the two valves you linked to, other than one is considered “pro-grade”.
I have ran a similar setup for years (ASV to valve manifold) with absolutely no issues. Just make sure the ASV is hooked up as a master valve so it turns on whenever irrigation occurs.

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