Irrigation line keeps leaking

I have 1 area of my drip line that has now broken and leaked 3-4 times in the past couple of years. It’s right at the start of the line, just past the valve. The valve is in the red square and the leak was in the circular area. Any reason why this particular area would be prone to leaks? I’ve had no leaks at any part in the line. Is it a pressure thing since it’s right after the line?

Is it 1/2 poly, or the 1/4?

Neither of them would leak in any particular area over another. How deep are the lines? Is there a chance that this area has more traffic through it? Are there rocks in the dirt near the drip line?

The other possibility is that as the poly ages, it can start to “break down”. If you have one leak in an area, that section of pipe may just need to be replaced. I had an area in my yard that had a split, and every time I used the cheap compression style repair couplings, the split would run the length of the pipe. What I ended up doing is grabbing a repair coupling that was an insert style with a compression nut that tightened down over the joint and was able to make the repair.


Is 5/8" a size because that is the coupler I used. Those are great points you bring up and my line is basically the wrong thing for all of those. Not very deep, in a mixture of dirt/rocks with a lot of rocks, and this particular leak was located in a high traffic area that I’ll roll the lawn mower over. I’ve used the coupler that you shared several times before and those areas have held tight… it’s just odd that it’s always the same area. Tonight I got the cheaper slip couplers because I thought it would be easier.

The tubing actually comes in three sizes, .620, .700, and .710. Not sure the last time I have seen .620 tubing, so most likely you have .700 or .710. Blue couplings are for .710 and black couplings are for .710. “Blue stripe” pipe is always .710, and the all black can be either…

Again, the issue I had was when I would cut the section that had split, maybe 1", I would try those compression style couplings and even though I had cut the split section out, the pipe would continue to split when I would try to push it into the coupling. I ended up cutting out about a 3 foot section and using the couplings I showed in the last post. There is a chance that that section may have been damaged, fatigued, kinked, and causing a continual split in the line…

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Thanks. As you saw, there were blue couplings on the existing tubing, but the ones I bought at Lowe’s were black. So far the hold seems to be working fine. I’m leaving it unburried for a few days to make sure the area stays dry.

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