Irrigation audit

Wish-list item here. :slight_smile:

Using the pre-defined nozzle types should get most users reasonably good watering times, but currently this doesn’t account for:

  • variations in precip rates of nozzles of same type (e.g. MP-rotator is 0.4in/hr vs the 0.7in/hr for “rotary nozzle” in the app)
  • improperly designed irrigation systems, where nozzles may/may-not overlap, or have uneven coverage, resulting in different precip rates
  • mixing different nozzles on same zone (just saw this mentioned on another post)
  • variations in precip rate due to variations in water pressure

So the calculated run times may not be optimal based on the above factors.

For twenty bucks anyone can get catch cups (for example:, or maybe even make their own) and do their own irrigation audit. This will let them find out exactly how much water is being applied in each zone, taking into account all real-world factors. Would be awesome if I could input this information into my Iro configuration to have it fine-tune the run times based on actual (observed) precip rates, rather than estimates based just on nozzle type.

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@ramblinwreck Agreed on all of these. If it’s not in our backlog will put in now. Our goal is to allow you to configure as much as possible to obtain the most efficient watering. These might not make it in for this watering season, but definitely something for the next.

Thanks for the feedback and forward thinking as always!


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Hi @ramblinwreck -
I’m currently going through product suggestions, and wanted to let you know (if you didn’t know already) that this feature has been added. I will be locking this topic, if you have any questions about it please feel free to PM me.
Thanks for the input- happy posting!

McKynzee :rachio:

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