IRO - Valve will not turn off (NOT stuck valve)


We just had our IRO installed.

Here is what happens:

A) Log into rachio page or use the app (same issue on both).

B) Start manually watering zone.

C) Stop watering OR let manually watering end by it self.

D) Zone continues to water.

E) Unplug rachio.

F) Zone stops watering (valve closes).

So basically, rachio can turn on a valve, but will not turn it off.

Any ideas?

Also forgot to mention.

The blue light on the rachio behaves as expected.

Watering on = Blue light on

Watering off = Blue light off

Please send before/after wiring pictures to so they can help troubleshoot.



Does the blue light go off when you tell it to stop watering?
Are you having with one zone or multiple zones?


Solution to my problem :slight_smile:

I am in Europe. I ordered a 24V power supply… Of course I ordered a DC one instead of an AC one… AC power supply is on the way. Should be here Tuesdayish.