Iro still watering after rain or raining the day before

I just installed the rachio a few days ago and the experience has been not great. When it rains the watering has not been skipped even when it says 100% chance of rain. I have wi on but still continues to do so

Do you have a fixed, water as needEd or flex schedule?

Water as needed

Looking at your weather station it appears that you got less than .25 inches of rain. If your threshold for rain is set for .25 inches or more that could be the problem. You could lower the threshold.

I have it set to lowest setting 1/18

I think the reliability of this station is poor. Here’s a chart of local stations so you can see the differences. Try a different station that is more reliable.

So if I switch it too c3353 . it shouldn’t water tomorrow morning? Correct

That appears to be the case. I checked 3353 and it has a good record of recording the rainfall. Let us know how it works out.

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how do you get so many weather stations? I have one option and its 8 miles away by the nearest airport? It would be nice to get something closer.

After you select Change Weather Station turn on Personal Weather Stations. The Google map should show PWS locations. Your PWS location codes will start with the letters “KMN”. There is a PWS at KMNCOONR26 that may work.

I was wondering why I didn’t see all the personal weather stations around me when I looked to change the weather station on the Rachio app. Apparently Rachio uses Aeris Weather Service and and not everyone around me with a PWS sends data to Aeris. If they do, Aeris may not use it because it isn’t accurate or consistently available. So my list above is not from Aeris but WeatherUnderground and most of these are not on Aeris. Look at the web site and see what you can find around you. I was lucky enough to find a PWS a half mile from me. Good luck.

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Yea have to buy one.

Another point, if the only PWS you can find is one with temperatures and not rainfall, think about installing a rain sensor. I haven’t used it but a friend of mine uses the Hydreon RG-11 sensor and raves about it.

Thank you. I didn’t realize the pws was an option. Am I correct in that the rachio will poll the selected station one hour before any watering schedule and then make adjustments accordingly?

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The way my Rachio has been working is 1 hour (give or take a few minutes) before a schedule is set to run it determines whether to run or not based on rainfall data from my selected weather station. If rainfall over .25 in. has occurred in the last 24 hrs. or predicted in the next 24 hrs., the schedule will be skipped. The app will tell you one way or the other what is happening.

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This will help explain the process behind it (I’m hoping next year we are able to notify well in advance of 1 hour…)


If I’m using someone’s pws, how does it predict precipitation in the next 24 hrs? It’s not like the owner of the pws is ‘forcasting’ the weather.

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The forecast comes from the NWS through Aeris. Even though I get my current or historic data from the PWS, the forecast comes from NWS through Aeris.

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I think I found my answer in the link you provided. Thanks

“If you have selected a personal weather station that doesn’t predict weather then we will pull those predictions from the nearest national weather station to your Iro.”

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