IRO location

I am trying to add my PWS. The FAQ states I need to enable GPS on my smartphone and nav to:
Rachio app > Iro Settings > Name & Location, and then tap on the USE MY CURRENT LOCATION button.

I cant seem to figure this out. Perhaps it was overlooked in 2.0?

App --> Device Settings --> Tap on name of device.

Got it. Overlooked the gear icon right in front of me. Figures.

Usability suggestions:
dont make the manual watering icon large and blue, make it like the rest. Make the current selection blue and enlarged, not a just a darker color (its hard to see whats selected and it appears the middle manual selection is the only selection).

Make the manual run time default to no zones so the zone has to be selected. every time I show off my sweet new controller with manual watering i water all zones and have to stop and select a single zone.