IRO did not abort cycle when rain sensor activated

I was wondering if this is expected behavior. Thursday 5/14 the IRO began its watering cycle at 12:05AM and to run until just after 4:00AM. At 2:30AM, the attached rain sensor activated and logged an event. Despite this, the IRO kept on watering to the completion of all the zones. Shouldn’t the rain sensor have stopped the IRO from watering the remainder of the zones? Thanks

@landru That’s in our backlog :wink: I hope to get that feature out soon. It was never built into the firmware, but should have. I’m hoping to get to that soon.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Franz. Good to know. Thanks!

@landru This has been added to the firmware. Next firmware update (1-2 weeks) this will stop any running schedules (and future schedules if they are in the queue) if rain is detected.


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Yay! That was fast :smile:

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Nice. Thanks for the update.

Speaking of firmware updates, am I correct to assume they are applied automagically? Is there a way to determine the installed version, and perhaps compare that to what it should be if it’s not up to date?


PS: If there’s a FAQ or help entry I missed, please point me in that direction. :smile:

Not at the moment from a firmware perspective. The mobile clients all have the software version listed.

Firmware deployments are automagic (yeah internet!). If the device is offline, as soon as it is online it will get the new version. Any new software deployments (cloud, firmware, clients, etc.) I’ll try to post in the community category ‘Release Notes’ for full transparency.


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My new word of the day!

Great question @kelpayne, thanks for asking. We’ll update the FAQ to reflect this. I’ll use “automagically” just for you :wink:

Best, Emil

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@landru Firmware has been patched to support this. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Just to be clear, if a schedule is running, and a physical rain sensor detects rain, we will stop running schedules.

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…and a log entry will be recorded into “History” and/or email sent to notify I presume? Thanks


Awesome! This was also something I was curious about!