Iro connected to PWS Currently raining -no delay

My iro is connected to my PWS and it shows current rainfall and there was no rain delay. I had to manually set a rain delay this AM. Do I need to get a wired/wireless rain sensor? why is the PWS rain gauge not tripping a rain delay? Please look at my account and let me know what I may do to make this situation better.

I noted that there was a rain delay imposed yesterday however, it was very warm and I am working with a new lawn and it needed irrigation.

Hi @leeowen, good afternoon. Any chance you could email our support team [] to review your account? I’m curious if the PWS is reporting incorrect data to our weather service API.

Thanks, Emil


Thanks @leeowen, we’ll take a look.

Just happened again. PWS reports .22 inches on pwsweather and system has no rain delay and kicks on…not what I was hoping for in a internet connected irrigation controller. Especially since I went to all the trouble and expense to connect my PWS to the net to make the connection to the Iro. I could have accomplished this with a $47 rain sensor it would seem the iro does not update very frequently to PWS WEATHER.

Hi @leeowen, good evening. I just checked your account. I don’t believe the watering time that just run had Weather Intelligence enabled. I’ll follow up with you on support. I can post screen shots if you’d like.

Thanks Emil, you in fact are correct I did not have weather intelligence enabled on those schedules. I have 3 identical schedules due to my new lawn settings. After changing the settings things seemed to work better yesterday and several schedules were skipped. Love it when stuff works and I can eat my words!

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@leeowen, good morning!

No worries, glad to hear we found the issue :blush:

As always, please don’t hesitate if you run into any other issues.

Best, Emil