iPhone won't connect without internet

When I’m out in the yard and my iPhone 11 drops the internet for LTE coverage, it won’t connect with my controller (Rachio 3). As soon as I walk close enough to regain the home wifi, it will connect and work without problems.

Please explain what you mean by ‘connect’. When you use the Rachio app or the website app.rach.io your device talks to the Rachio cloud, which in turn talks to the controller. There is never a direct connection from phone to controller, so it should work the same whether connected via Wi-Fi or LTE.

When on LTE, what error (if any) do you get running the Rachio app? Accessing app.rach.io? Can you access other internet sites ok?

OTOH, HomeKit actions can go directly from phone to controller via Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is unavailable, communication occurs via a HomeKit Hub. If your trouble is specific to a HomeKit function, can other HomeKit devices be controlled over LTE? If not, there is a problem with the Hub. If yes, post details.

All I know is when I’m in my yard and am close enough to the house to be connected to the Wi-Fi, I can control the Rachio unit. I can turn a zone on and off. When I walk outside the range of my Wi-Fi, I can no longert turn on or off a zone. I’m not getting any errors trying to run the app. It just doesn’t connect.

@BCPD199, have you tried turning your Wi-Fi off in your phone setting and then opening the app? Like Stewart said your phone doesn’t connect to the controller via Wi-Fi. Does your phone only access the web via your home Wi-Fi?

With your phone away from Wi-Fi, can you access app.rach.io ? If yes, can you select your controller and then do a Quick Run? If no access to app.rach.io, can you access other websites?

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Need to try this and get back to you. Thanks everyone for the help.

This appears to be a phone-cellular data problem, not a rachio problem Thanks for all the help.