iPhone notifications stopped working

I’ve noticed that lately I no longer receive notifications on my iPhone in the Notification Center. I checked Settings -> Notifications, and they are set correctly. I still get notifications for other stuff, but no more Rachio info. Anyone else having issues? These are those notifications you see when you lift the phone and tap it (not open it) and you see a bunch of stuff like Twitter, Instagram, NY Times, etc. I remember seeing Rachio info that my sprinklers ran that morning, etc. Thanks.

Same here. I get notifications of rain skips on my iPad but not on my iPhone XR. I have everything turned on in Notifications.

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+1 on this. I initially installed on my iPad and Notifications have been sent as expected. Flawless. I decided to install on my XR and I received Notifications for 1 day, then they stopped. I tried the delete APP, set day ahead, reinstall APP set back, and that worked - for a day, then they stopped again.

I’ve emailed Support and they have been absolutely worthless, actually telling me to post here!

There is an issue with Rachio Notifications being sent to multiple devices. I installed the APP on my wife’s iPhone 12, and she does not get notifications either.

Is ANYONE receiving Notifications on multiple Apple devices??

Well, yes. And no. I just checked my iPad vs my iPhone and it’s a total crap shoot what devices get what notifications. Occasionally (and really pretty rarely) both devices get the notification at the same time for the same event. But the majority of the time one device gets it and the other one doesn’t. And no rhyme or reason that I can see to which device gets which notification. I don’t remember it being like this last year (although it could have been) - but it’s sure not working correctly right now!

I have only one device and just as much of a crap shoot as to whether it gets notifications or not. Kind of annoying. So not sure it is related to multiple devices exactly.

Notifications are back. Last night overnight I did an upgrade to 14.6. This morning I noticed the notifications were back. Not only the notification from this morning’s run, but ones from the past week where I was testing my zones.