iPhone app issues when editing schedules

In the application when editing the schedule, you can define the interval on which days you are locked into. After making the change you cannot edit the itnerval again as it doesn’t allow you to save after removing those days. I had to login via the url to remove those days. The app still shows those day selected.

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I didn’t check the date on yours, today is June 20, 2022.
I tried to edit my schedule last night based on the two specific days a week that I’m supposed to water.
I went through and created two entirely new schedules and programmed all the sprinkler times, then I realized that I inadvertently selected odd and even days rather than the specific days and after going through all that work to create the schedules, when I go into edit it it does not show me the option to edit the days of the week, I can only switch from odd to even days.
So it looks like I’m going to have to delete all that work for seven different zones and reset it all-TWICE-for the two days I am supposed to water on.
It would be nice if I can program all the times at once, & simply set it for the days of the week that I want it to run.
Unfortunately I can’t find a chat option, nor a phone number to actually talk to anyone at the company