iPhone 11 vs iPhone 6S

I changed my phone from the 6S to 11. My system was disabled for the winter. Now I have tried to reset my rachio system for spring. The app does not work at all on the iPhone 11. It freezes. If I restart the app, I wind up in random zones. I cannot set the quick run function. Am I just batting my head against a brick wall here trying to get the Rachio app to work on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. ios 14.4.1. Thanks in advance for any help!

What model Rachio do you have? Do the lights indicate that it is running normally?

When you log in to app.rach.io from your computer, does the controller appear online? If so, can you do Quick Run from there? If you go to Controller Settings -> Technical Info, what does it show for Frimware?

Do you still have the 6S? If so, even without a SIM card, it should be able to connect to Wi-Fi and run the app.

On the 11, have you tried uninstalling the app and downloading from the App Store again?

Works perfectly on 6S phone. On iPhone 11 ProMax controller shows up as connected but impossible to manipulate menu. It freezes. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling on iPhone 11. Hopefully I won’t have to rephoto and reset schedules!

Even when you visit app.rach.io in Safari on the iPhone 11?

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app should not affect your controller settings in any way. You’ll have to log in again, but you should then see the controller just as before.