iPad it up to HERE with the iPad requests. 😉

Another week, another update. Let’s talk about what’s new!

iPad Support
Rachio’s app is now universal, which means iPad support is here! This also includes landscape mode support on iPads. No need to download a new app, just make sure you are up to date. Say thanks to @zachio our iOS developer who made this happen, and @timber, for the sick fan art.

New Zone Settings
We have now added a new Garden vegetation type and Drip Line nozzle type! These should help all of our veggie gardeners out there. Before you guys beat me to it- here are the default values for those…

Crop coefficient: 0.85
Root zone depth: 12”

Drip Line
Precipitation rate: 0.5 in/hr
Efficiency: 90%

Note: These zone types work best in fixed schedules.

Rain Sensor Status
We noticed often users would see their schedules would stop running, and they weren’t sure why. After countless @franz investigations, we realized a good amount of the time this was due to a rain sensor being active. To make it easier to know when your rain sensor is activated, we added this status to the Home screen!

Other Updates

  • Usage reporting was improved for users with flow sensor issues.

See ya next time!


I think the word “literally” is overused these days, but I was LITERALLY just drafting up a post to ask how I can see status of my wired rain sensor. Nice work team!


btw, are you guys using Chuck Norris with a kitten to peddle the new update?? :rofl: Well played…



This update makes me happier than when I’m sitting in the middle of my lawn turning my sprinklers on with my Rachio :rachio: :love_you_gesture:


This is truly where dreams come true. Chuck Norris, kittens, iPAD, rain sensor status, new nozzle and crop types.

If I die today, please know that it I lived a good life and accomplished what I set out to do.



Christmas :christmas_tree: came early this year nicely done :white_check_mark: Rachio


i struggled with my emotions on this. i have waited quite a while, another memorable finish my rachio.

Pin it to win it rachio!


thanx for the default drip type, matches up with what i had been using, super cool!


Woo hoo!

The only feedback I’d give is “rain sensor on” may feel a touch awkward as a powered rain sensor is always “on” versus on and actively blocking watering.

Nice job on iPad!


@franz and @mckynzee - Great job with the app and thanks for bringing iPad support and rain sensor status. Now all you need to do is bring us Homekit support and then we will have nothing left to complain about (who am I kidding - we will always have something to complain about).



Glad to see this, ESPECIALLY the rain sensor status!!!

My one little nit is that I wished the moisture chart would show full screen and not chopped off like it is on my phone. But it’s still chopped off on the landscape version on the iPad. Sigh … Just means I have to keep going back to the web app when I want to really look at the moisture charts.


What about Android tablet support?

Thank you Zee! iPad integration is very very much appreciated!

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