iPad Issues

I noticed today several issues with the iPad:

  1. When creating a topic, Once you begin typing the topic header and topic location drop down menus
    Get cut off and are no longer visible. Then, the blue partial menu covers the screen and gets stuck. You cannot get rid of it and you can no longer see / type in the topic header field nor see the drop down menu (See screen shot below).

  2. When looking at the Report summary the Rain sensor activations do not increment and always Report zero.
    I’ve had at least 5 or more system reschedules due to Rain sensor activation (see screen shot below).

  3. The remote control is stuck at the bottom middle of the screen and is not moveable.

  4. Quarterly summary and annual summaries are not present. Only daily and monthly are available.
    My town is on a quarterly bill cycle. I do realize that you can scroll to see current & prior months but the water usage totals are only calculated for the select period (daily, monthly). So this may belong in the new feature section.

  5. The grey print button is not visible on the daily and monthly graphs (main reports page). It is only visible once you select either of these graphs.

  6. Orientation is locked to vertical mode. If I turn my iPad horizontally(landscape mode), the in-app aspect remains in vertical mode.