Ipad 2

I can’t seem to download the app for iPad 2. I am running the most current iOS. Any ideas?

@canons900, are you running iOS 8.2+?

If you’re having trouble finding the app for your iPad, please see this support article for direct links to our iTunes page.

Let us know if this helps.

Best, Emil

I am still not able to download a version for my ipad. I see it is installed on my iphone no problem, but there does not seem to be a download for an ipad.

The Rachio app is not a universal app, so it will not show up under iPad downloads. To install the iPhone version on the iPad, you need to make sure you have the option selected (I believe it is on a tap at the top of the page) that will show both iPad AND iPhone apps.

can you give me a screen shot, I am unable to find this setting in itunes. Running most current version of iTunes.


I have provided some screenshots.

First search for Rachio.

Then change the iPad Only to iPhone only

Then it should show up.

Let us know if you still cannot find it.


Yup i’ve got it! I was trying to install it from my computer. I did it from the ipad and it is installing just fine.

Thank you, seeing you do it from the ipad itself and making that change made all the difference!

Thanks again!

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this is correct, there is no native ipad app at this time, you have to search for the iphone app and then do the zoom of doom to use it.

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@canons900, awesome! Thank you for the update. Glad to hear you’re up and running.

Good idea @kevinro. We’ll need to add those screen shots to the support article :wink:

The Rachio app continues to crash on my iPad. I have iOS 10.3 on my iPad and have contacted Rachio help desk with a promise of resolution a couple of weeks ago…nothing so far. Has anyone else having this issue?
Please help!