iOS Users - Meet The Rachio Widget!

Hey Rachio fam! Happy October.

We’ve got a fun late-season feature to announce for all of you iOS 14 users.

Meet the Rachio Widget!

The latest iOS release gave us the opportunity to create widgets for easy, home screen access to your favorite apps - Rachio included!

The Racho Widget comes in two sizes. The smaller size will show your last and next run while the bigger size will show that and the upcoming week. You can click into the widget to open the Rachio app.

Want to add the widget to your home screen? Follow these instructions!



Thanks, have added the larger size to my iPad’s home screen. :+1:


Great feature, Apple! Android has had widgets for since 2009. Where’s my Rachio widget? :wink:


(cc @steve.palmerin :slight_smile: )

I personally love to use widgets on my Android device but as a developer, they are outdated and a pain to interact with. Hopefully with iOS adding widgets, we can expect a refresh on Google’s implementation since none of their widgets or APIs have been updated in years.

In the meantime, we are keeping our eye on Android Slices which can deliver more relevant data to multiple areas on your device. Hopefully Google will expand on Slices to allow “Slice Viewers” to act as widgets on the home screen.:crossed_fingers:

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Thanks steve.palmerin. Good to know.

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Is there anyway to chose the controller I want to see? I have access to 2 others so the widget shows my neighbor’s…

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There should be! @zachio? Can you advise here?

Yeah, if you long press the Rachio widget, you’ll have the option to Edit “Rachio”. Tapping that will show you a list that you can choose which Rachio controller the widget displays. Let me know if you have questions with that and I can help.

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Excellent! Done & all fixed!

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