iOS shortcut to run misters for 30 minutes

Hi folks, would like help building an iOS shortcut that runs zone 8 misters for 30 minutes, and another shortcut to stop that zone.

For anyone wanting to connect their misters to rachio, we bought from Amazon an orbit inline 3/4 inch solenoid sprinkler valve, and 3/4 inch npt to garden hose thread (one male and one female version) and connected this up to our hose spigot. Hard part was just finding a spare wire from the nearby sprinkler valves and tracing back to the rachio. Definitely see if you have a spare wire first.

Unfortunately rachio’s iOS app does not have shortcuts support. It really should, though! Ecobee has been adding shortcut support, though with functional HomeKit I don’t really need it.

Anyway, maybe a combination of shortcut and IFTTT might work? Or create and disable a Fixed 30 min schedule in the Rachio app and quick run it as needed (that blue play icon in the lower right of the screen provides access to zones and schedules including disabled schedules).

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