iOS only: Dates on watering calendar

So am I missing something? ON the bottom of the watering graph for each zone, the dates only have the first digit. 8, 9, 1…, 1…, 1… and so on…

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I see that same sort of thing on the Moisture Level graph X-axis labels for dates from Jun 2 - Jun 8, but once I get to the 9th then things look normal, i.e. “9th”, “10th”, “11th”. I even see “29th”, “30th”, “31st”, “1st” for May.

I’m running an iPhone 7 - I wonder if maybe it’s related to the form factor of the device and/or dynamically sized widths of the fields for the graph’s axis labels.

it’s a bug that i believe they know about

Thanks, @Modawg2k. Do you know if there is a list of open problem reports?

not that i know of that is visible to us the consumer

@ldslaron Here’s the previous post where @mckynzee was alerted to it

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Hey @ldslaron-

Which iPhone do you have? I have the 6 plus and I am having the same issue, but @mitchell has the 6s and no issues :disappointed_relieved:

7 plus. Did not have the issue on the 6+

I have the iPhone 7 (not the Plus).