iOS Notifications should include controller name

iOS notifications should include the controller name. I have 4 controllers at 2 locations, and will soon install 3 more at 3 more locations. The current notification messages are not helpful because I have no idea which controller sent the notification. If a message begins with the controller name (the name we enter, which I use to identify my locations) then at least I have an idea. My zone names are not coming across either, which would also be helpful. Finally, we should be able to choose which notifications to send to reduce notification spam.


I had the same complaint. Got a great suggestion from Rachio support: rename the schedules to include the controller name. So my lake house no longer waters “Grass”, it waters “Lake-Grass” Now the notifications are perfectly descriptive. (It’s still a good product suggestion?)

For the zones, I was able to rename like you did, and all is ok. But it’s still a problem with notifications like a rain sensor being activated/deactivated. So it would still be nice to have the controller name in a notification.

I can’t even imagine what it’s like for someone monitoring several systems. They must get so much noise that it’s probably close to impossible to sort things out.

I have 3, two of my own and one I help monitor and I get notifications all day every day. Most of the time I don’t pay too much attention to them though…

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Yep, I agree. My son-in-law just shared his controller with me this weekend and (with his new sod) I was inundated with notifications. Also seeing rain sensors operating and have to guess (or open app to see) which controller it is. It would be great if you could not only see which controller is operating but control which controllers you receive notifications from.

We added this for weather intelligence events, on my short list for all other events.


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