iOS notification sounds

I have been using Rachio for several years. i love it. I have one complaint that i have never been able to get working: notification sounds on iOS. i have tried everything:

  • remove and reinstall the app
  • turn notifications and notification sounds off and back on
  • restore entire phone from backup
  • i just got a new iPhone, and i set it up as a new phone and downloaded just the Rachio app, signed in, set up a new schedule, and STILL the notification that watering has started SILENTLY showed up on the home screen.

To reiterate, this is no an issue with MISSING the notifications perse, i get them all, but they just don’t SIGNAL me other than to show up silently on my phone’s home screen.
it’s annoying enough that i set up an IFTTT action to send me a push notification anytime watering starts. it’s a few minutes late, but at least i get an audible (or vibrate) notification. and then i look at my phone and see the Rachio notification from a few minutes ago sitting in my notification center.

has ANYONE else experienced something like this? i would say it might be an Apple issue, but this is only app i’ve had this problem with, and it is CONSISTENT - even to the point that a brand new phone, set up from scratch with a fresh Rachio download STILL has this problem for me.


Looks like this might be something on our end. Thanks for getting it reported! I’ll be sure to get this to the right people so the notifications aren’t delivered silently anymore.

You shouldn’t need to do any updates, it’ll just change on our back end and will start working automatically once we get the fix out.

woah. i’m not sure if you did anything. but out of the blue this afternoon…it worked! for the first time in ever, my watering started, and i my phone made an audible noise!

did you do something on your end? if so, can i ask what?

Yep, we tweaked some stuff with our messaging service and you should be all set now. You’re still able to turn sound off from your system settings if you ever want, but by default now the messages have sound.

awesome. thanks. that’s the fastest response to a problem like this that i’ve ever received from anyone. i wish i had mentioned this years ago, :yum:

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