iOS App for 2.5 Software submitted to app store for approval

Just wanted to let everyone know we have finished testing and have submitted our iOS app to the Apple store for approval.

As soon as it is approved we can do a full launch of the 2.5 software, I’m expecting about a 7-10 day approval process.

Thanks for your patience and have a good one.



Will this new software include the flow sensor integrations?

We have that firmware finished, needs about a day or two of testing and wrapup. Our first usage of flow data is going to be used to generate existing reports and record actual usage versus estimated.

There won’t be any clients changes initially, just firmware.

If you have a flow sensor and want to be a beta customer just let me know.



I would love to be a beta tester and I have a compatible flow-sensor.

Do you plan on implementing diagnostics comparing average vs. actual flow? For example, overflow and underflow email alerts.

Ok great. Yes, eventually we want to and will be able to do much more with flow. The first cut will just be accurate reporting and usage :wink:

Can you PM me your username and I’ll reach out to you next week and get the firmware/etc. to your device(s).



Sign me up if you need beta. I can run the system with the water off!

Is the Android app coming soon as well?

Yes, it will be released on the same day as the iOS app.

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Will this release be HomeKit compliant?

Unfortunately not.


I would like to be a beta tester for the flow sensor. I have a system setup with a compatible device.

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Ok, I’ve got you down for a beta tester, hoping sometime next week to have this wrapped up.


I was inquiring to see if the firmware was available to start to log actual flow rate. I have my system all set up with the Hunter flow sensor and would like to start tracking actual verses average. With this I hope to track system performance and spot leaks and valve malfunctions. In the future I see many more advantages of such data.
This was a $200 investment for flow sensor and I would like to see this utilized.

Hey @imaginthat, regarding flow, it is not yet in the firmware. We’re working on it, but I don’t have a date for this yet. I can tell you it’s a priority for us and something we very much want to release.


I just bought a Gen 2 system and am planning on installing it soon. I downloaded the app (version 2.5.3 released just 3 days ago) and I tried to register, but after I filled all of my information in the fields the “register” button didn’t light up and wouldn’t let me press it. The cancel button worked, but I tried several times and the register button still doesn’t work. This is frustrating as this is my first experience with this “hi tech” product and I can’t even register. It is frustrating.

@Waler I’m guessing you haven’t satisfied one of the requirements for things like valid email, username length or password length (minimum 8 characters). Make sure all the marks on the right have a green check box so you can proceed.


That’s a bummer. Why not? Is this “coming soon”…?

Hey @kohlab, sorry, lost the thread on what you’re referring to. What’s a bummer?