iOS app can't update zone settings

I’m using v1.8.6 of the app.

When I try to change my existing zone settings (specifically, I’m changing from a fixed spray head to an emitter), I get an “error” dialog box, with just an OK button to dismiss it. The content of the dialog box is actually the HTML source code for a webpage. The whole thing won’t fit in a screenshot, but it seems to have the following, if it gives you any hints:

< title >Action not found< /title >

< p id=“detail” >For request ‘PUT /’< /p>

I took a couple of screenshots of the entire error dialog. Let me know if you want me to email them to support.

@srvineet That would be great if you can send those along to support. If they can reproduce what you are seeing than development will be able to look further into the issue.


Just emailed a few screenshots to support.

Thanks @srvineet. As @kevinro replied on support, we’ve never seen this before and will try to replicate in house. We’ll keep you posted.

If you need to change this nozzle setting, we could use the web app to do so. Have you used it before?

I was indeed able to use the web app to make my changes. However, for some reason, the link you posted (with a /%23login at the end) was no good and resulted in a page not found error. I had to truncate the address to simply and that worked fine.

[Update] after successfully making changes from the web, I thought I would try the phone app again, and can’t see the error anymore. Sigh. Gremlins. Should have left it in the error-inducing state; maybe you could have used it for some kind of debugging.

@srvineet – hmm, looks like a copy/paste error on my end. I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We’ll still try to reproduce the error. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Just for reference, what type of iOS device are you using?

Best, Emil

I’m using an iPhone 5 running v8.3.