iOS App: Allow Pasting of Password

Hi. I set up my Rachio sprinkler controller today. Everything went smoothly enough. However, one thing I did not like about the setup process in the iOS app was that I could not paste my password into the app while creating an account. I use a password manager to generate all my passwords. On my iPhone, I will typically copy the password from the password manager app and then switch to the whatever app I’m logging into (or signing up) to paste the password. It seems I couldn’t paste into the Rachio app. Just a suggestion!


PS: with iOS 11, you could add the ability to autofill a password from an existing account on the website if the user has already signed up in a browser first and saved the password to iCloud Keychain. From what I’ve seen, it is a very easy enhancement to add to the app.

Hi Tom, you should be able to copy and paste into any field in the Rachio iOS app. What password manager do you use? Do you have no problem pasting from the Password Manager into other apps?

It could also be that you are on iOS 11. Since iOS 11 is still public beta, we don’t fully support it and are working on making the Rachio app work properly for when it is officially released.

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Actually, yes I am running the iOS 11 beta. So, my apologies if it is just due to that. I did try pasting into the Notes app at the same time and it worked, so I assumed your app was for some reason not allowing the paste. But all bets are off when you’re running a beta OS. Thanks for responding.

No problem, Tom! Everything should be ironed out by the time it’s released and no longer in public beta :slight_smile:

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