iOS 9 "My Yard" panes partially displayed


I’ve been seeing an issue recently where the panes that are supposed to show when a zone was last watered and when it will be watered don’t fully update. It seems to happen when I first launch the app and it has to load, or when I kill and re-launch it. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

If I pull down from the top and refresh the data, it fills in the images and the data properly. It’s quite repeatable for me.

  • Kill the app if it’s running
  • Launch the app, observe partially updated panes
  • Drag down from the top to refresh the data
  • Observe filled-in panes

Anyone else seeing this? It’s happening on both iOS 9.0.2 and on the latest beta of 9.1, and I’m using v2.1.0 of the Rachio app.



I am also seeing this on my iPhone running the same versions as you are.


Thanks for the confirmation. For fun, I restored my old iPhone 5s to factory settings, set it up as a new phone, downloaded the Rachio app, and saw exactly the same behavior. That should eliminate the possibility of lingering garbage from a previous restore.



We have submitted an update to the App Store that (hopefully) fixes this issue. In the meantime, try pull to refresh to update the screen.


Great! Thanks for the quick response.


It does seem to be fixed in today’s update. Thanks!