iOS 2.0.1 patch fix released

Fixed issues:

  • Watering schedule card has more days than watering schedule page.
  • Deleting watering time still causing random block
  • Home icon missing from weather card
  • Rain delay still set, but says not active.
  • Layout of zones count cutting of word Zones
  • Shared access - Do not allow Update WiFi Network

Will be available in a couple hours :wink:


gots it.

Love that it fixes a bug or 2 I reported :v: :punch:

Unfortunately it doesn’t play nice with iOS 9.0 Public Beta that I installed on the iPad. It won’t let me log in.
Fortunately the iPhone is still on iOS 8.4 so I’m good to go.

Update: just re-installed the app on the iPad and everything is working well.

running it on iOS beta without problem…

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split screening is the tits isnt it?