iOS 11 HomeKit Supports Sprinklers


@Bgman - look at who liked my post. That may give one a clue. See how many of them are Rachio employees :wink:.

Just saying.


Other than it’s a simple ON/OFF device that doesn’t support the concept of multiple zones, a master zone, etc. @06ajtayl’s comment seems to sum that device up: “What’s this then. Just a switch?”

Maybe that’s why Apple stuck the Eve thing in the “Sensor” category, next to door/window contact sensors, smart buttons, and environmental (air quality) sensors.


Take a look at this video. It appears to be more than a switch as it’s identified as a sprinkler function in HomeKit.


When they added the Eve device in the video, their phone detected it and gave it the “faucet profile” icon.


Then, when running in HomeKit, it shows as the “sprinkler profile” icon?

The review goes on to mention that you have to use the Eve app for programming, as Apple’s HomeKit app isn’t capable of setting everything, then ends the review calling this a faucet device.

All the while, Apple’s official HomeKit page still has no mention about either the faucet or sprinkler profiles.

What a mess.


Looks like the list of supported devices on the Apple Homekit page has been updated to include sprinklers.


@Chiliad - yep that page was update the day of Apple’s iPhone announcement and added:


The accessories link on the page goes to the currently supported products and doesn’t list any products that use those two profiles.

Let’s see what gets updated/released from Apple and Rachio tomorrow when iOS 12 is released for general availability - not that I’ll be downloading iOS 12.0 the nanosecond it becomes available as I’ll probably have to wait a week or so for other programs to get updated before upgrading.

Apple HomeKit for iOS

Was curious if Orbit had announced anything today about their B-Hyve and HomeKit. Nothing yet. But there was a post from three days ago where they confirm why they haven’t released any more information.

I wish we could, Apple has issued us a statement (posted above) that they approved for all inquiries into HomeKit integration and that’s all we’re officially allowed to say on the matter.

IMO, looks like Apple does have control over what the manufacturers can say in regards to HomeKit integration status…


Well… ios12 made it public. Sprinklers now listed… benefit of doubt is erased. Beta testing ios12 for months. They had time. What now?


@06ajtayl - the sprinkler profile is just like the group Facetime chat. Apple announced it as a feature of iOS 12, but as of iOS 12.0 it isn’t in the released product. I did see where group Facetime is in beta 1 of iOS 12.1. Who knows if it will make the released version of iOS 12.1. I’d keep my powder dry until the release notes for an iOS 12 version says the sprinkler profile for Homekit has been released/is supported.


Hey Siri®, tell everyone that the Rachio 3 now supports HomeKit™.