iOS 11 HomeKit Supports Sprinklers

I’m just sayin it would be cool to use Siri with the Rachio.


@CH_Johnson - The Rachio logo was actually in Apple’s WWDC presentation on HomeKit for iOS11. I’d say wait - patiently.


@DLane - Thanks for the info. I just felt like stirring the pot.

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Unfortunately, until Apple has officially released an irrigation profile for Siri we cannot comment on HomeKit support. :relaxed:


Well iOS 11 have been release along with the Sprinkler support in HomeKit. Based on Apple’s keynote at WWDC 2017. I know the Rachio is going to support HomeKit at some point. So I just want to know if the Gen2 hardware will work with HomeKit or should I wait for a Gen3.


@EricJilot - reading between the lines from an old post by Franz ->

I’m guessing Gen 2 has the internals to work with HomeKit - otherwise I think Franz would have called it out like Gen 1.

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Not necessarily! Apple has now opened up a software based HomeKit certification process that removes the limitation of having to have the hardware :wink:

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I hope I’m wrong, but IMO Apple’s HomeKit developer FAQ makes it sound like the software-based certification only applies to non-commercial accessories:

Can I put an Apple Authentication Coprocessor in my [non-commercial] accessory?
No, the authentication coprocessor is only intended for use in commercial HomeKit accessories. This component is available to companies that are enrolled in the MFi Program.[/quote]

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Getting my Rachio installed next week. Fingers crossed for Apple Home Kit in a software update!


I’m hoping that’s why there was no V3 software update this year, … they’ve been working on getting HomeKit integrated first!


I’m definitely looking for the HomeKit integration!

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There is no guarantee that the Gen2 hardware it compatible. This is something that I got bite by with the Philips Hue system. I had to replace the hub of my system to get the HomeKit compatibility. Not something I want to do again.

Just wish they would let us know that simple fact. If they did I’d already have it installed.

Pretty sure Gen 2 will support it, Gen 2 packaging on Amazon showed HomeKit support for several days prior to its release, but was subsequently changed to show packaging without the HomeKit logo as it now ships. This in conjunction with comments from Rachio staff that gen 1 can’t support whilst gen 2 “currently doesn’t support” all strongly point to support being available once Apple release the full API for sprinklers etc. I expect to see this available with the next major software release from Rachio.

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I have been using the IOS 11 toolkit since late June 2017, it has worked just fine for me with little or no issues… I run it with HomeKit and Smart Things without worries…

@mckynzee Update?

@jocamero There is still no official release of the irrigation profile, so we are still unable to comment :confounded:


I’m looking for the HomeKit integration!
I bought last week Gen 2. I’ll receive soon.
will I have to change it to integrate it with HomeKit

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Apple has included the profile in the most recent beta of iOS 11. Any updates? :slight_smile:

@hjtech - I know @mckynzee was looking forward to a post like this one :smiling_imp: . I think the answer may be in the post - “beta”. I believe until Apple puts the sprinkler profile into production, Rachio may be contractually prevented from saying a syllable about HomeKit, sprinkler profile and Rachio support.

Another clue would be when Apple puts something that supports faucets or sprinklers on their accessories page focused on HomeKit ->!


Well until I see support for this I’ll wait on the sidelines. The extra security for something like this is important to me