iOS 11 beta + Rachio app status

Just a quick heads up that with Beta 4 on my iPhone, the Rachio app bombs out when I press the icon to manually run the zones.

Stuff like this is totally expected during the betas, and the web app is a great backup for when it happens!

Having the same issues with iOS 11 DP4.

Thanks for letting us know @aristobrat and @jocamero-

Can you let me know if you run into any other weird behavior? Often these are resolved after release, but we like to be wary because we have run into issues during beta that persisted after release in the past :slight_smile:


If I tap the icon to the left of the remote button (the list view button?) it also immediately crashes.

As a brand new user of Rachio prodcucts (based on their appearance during the HomeKit presentation @ WWDC and support for sprinklers) I just installed the app for the first time yesterday. So, I can’t say if it would have worked previously. I did reinstall the app and restart the iPhone 7 Plus. Same issue on an iPad running the iOS public beta. (What’s up with a no native resolution iPad app requiring the app to be 2x scaled and cropped?)

Same issue for me with Beta 4. App crashes on Iphone 7, Iphone 6S, Ipad mini 4 and Ipad pro when trying to do a manual watering.

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No problems with the Rachio app here with Betas 1-3.

As a Health Tech business executive your team should already be coding for iOS11! If not your developers know Rachio will look like fools come official launch day. Can you guess why Apple has a “public BETA?” To prepare app owners to get with the program. A nice little nudge in the right direction.

Same issue with the recent public beta. iOS 11 is coming! App is currently DOA.

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I also confirm the App crashes as described on iOS 11 B4

doing anything with the manual timers crashes on me and many other features in the app.

Just confirmed… APP now functions normally with iOS 11 Beta 5.


Little harsh aren’t we? How do you know they aren’t? Are you sure it’s not something broken in the iOS beta? Apple doesn’t have the best track record anymore for putting out quality releases.

Oh Yeah… I guess it was a iOS issue…

I think his point was that it should not be a “wait and see” approach.

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This is why you run your own in house alpha or beta. But hey I am just a “customer” that purchased your product that uses iOS. I woke up and smelled the Folders a long time ago. It is iOS11 not iOS2 when you start learning this stuff.

I was just giving you guys a heads up. Take it however you want, just a Rachio “customer.”


Can also confirm app appears to be working properly in iOS 11 Developer Beta 5.

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Same here.

And with HomeKit in iOS 11 supporting sprinklers and faucets for the first time (plus Rachio’s logo being on a HomeKit WWDC slide the summer), I’m pretty confident that they’re working on a new app. In-house and everything…

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Negative for Public Beta. You must be using the dev version.

Public beta wasnt released yesterday just the dev version 5. ios 11 public beta 4 was released today 8/8/2017 and Rachio app is indeed working again with the latest public beta.

You are correct!