Invisible Flex Schedule Running - How Do I Elim This?

I have two flex schedules that run, even though I only have one programmed or even shown.

The only flex schedule I have programmed manages all 10 zones. It’s scheduled to start at 1 AM any day of the week.

What’s now happening (as of just recently) is that another flex schedule, that I haven’t actually ever put into my system, is also running. It runs just like above, except that it waits for the flex schedule I programmed to finish, and, it only runs for the last (tenth) zone…

How do I eliminate this phantom flex schedule from the system?

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Are you sure zone 10 is not in a fixed schedule? Can you post a screen shot of your events that shows it running a second time.

@a0128958 I looked at the schedule on the controller and it is fine.

These phantom runs look to be triggered manually and not through a scheduled schedule.

Do you have any IFTTT recipes that are triggering a manual zone run without your knowledge or accidentally triggered this through the webapp?

Thank you.

After manually going through the Schedule Updates and Watering History logs for the past 7 days, including merging the two, including fixing out of sequence postings, and including putting zone numbers in numerical order, I’ve concluded that everything is running exactly the way the Iro is currently programmed.

I made an error earlier concluding that there was a mystery Flex Daily Sched running just zone 10. I’m sorry I troubled you with your valuable time on this. The effort of combining the log postings, putting the log posting in chronological order, and putting the zone numbers in numerical order helped a lot to confirm everything is as it should be.

I’m going to post an suggestion for improvement in the enhancement section to enhance the logging function, encouraging for a more simply log.

Thank you.

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