*INTRODUCING* Rachio Community Referral Contest!

It’s back! The Rachio team is experimenting with a Referral Contest Pilot Program and we want YOU to join in on the fun!

What Is It?
A referral program meets a contest. Refer your friends to Rachio for chances to win some sweet swag and the [drum roll please] grand prize of winning a Rachio 3! We want your help spreading our mission of water conservation with your friends. (Basically, we want you to help us save the world :earth_americas:)

How Does It Work?
Sign up here to get your unique promo link. Share that link with your friends, family, dog walker, hairdresser, random human on the street, etc. They’ll get $30 off a Rachio 3 and you’ll get points towards prizes.

Once you get 3 qualified referrals, you’ll win some Rachio swag! The 3 members with the most referrals at the end of the program (July 19) will win the Rachio 3! Note: if you’re already a proud owner of a Rachio 3, we’ve got a different prize for you!

Plus, the top 10 referring members will earn the title of “Water Champion” in the Rachio Community - you’ll even get a little water droplet badge next to your name!

What Makes For A Qualified Referral?
When you share your link with your friend, they have to enter their email in order to receive a code for $30 off a Rachio 3 at rachio.com. Once they complete their purchase, they’re considered a qualified referral and you’ll get credit for them!

How Do I Start?
Click here to join the program and start sharing!

Questions? We’re here to help! Shoot me a DM on the Community!




How’s everyone doing?! Get any referrals you want to brag about? Have any questions on the program? We want to hear :ear:


I’ve had a bunch of clicks but no referrals yet… :frowning:

@araposo awh man, I hate that feeling! Keep on sharing! You’ll get those referrals up!

Only THREE MORE WEEKS to get those referrals in for a chance to win a Rachio 3 :slight_smile: If you haven’t signed up for the referral program yet, click here to join the program and start sharing!

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Hey team!


Don’t miss out! Share your unique URL with your friends for a chance to be named a Rachio Water Champion! (Plus, you’ll have a chance to win some awesome swag!)

Let me know if you (or your friends and family) have any questions or concerns along the way :slight_smile:

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