Interval Watering

My wife and I had a Radio 3 installed and we were trying to set up a 3 day interval watering schedule.
Ist attempt came up to water on Sunday – Wednesday – Saturday the 1st week and the same days on the 2nd week and continuing on.
How do we change the schedule to water on Sunday – Wednesday – Saturday the 1st week and then Tuesday – Friday the 2nd week and continue on.
This would be a true 3 day interval watering schedule
Can it be done with this controller ?

@Roses110 Are you using a Fixed Schedule? If you select Fixed Schedule then select Daily Interval for days permitted to water then select every 3 days I believe it will do what you want.

As Alturia said, you can use a Fixed schedule to do this, selecting Daily Interval, then 3 Days. But realize that you will not be using most of Rachio’s Smart features, but only the Weather Intelligence features you want, to prevent it from watering when it rains and other conditions. This means you will get the same water to your lawn or crop in August as you do in October, and will probably have to fiddle with irrigation times to keep things from getting soggy or too dry.