Interval Misting (for greenhouse)

Hello all -

I have a greenhouse here in Colorado and most of the year I don’t need this option but during the warmer months, due to my high altitude, humidity even in a greenhouse can bottom out. Evaporative cooling is crazy effective in my environment and so I want to employ a misting system to cool and humidity my greenhouse. Here is my issue, though- while I have the system set up and water supplied, if I run an interval schedule it will run every hour for ten minutes… all. day. long. Including through the night when it is not needed.

How can I run an hourly interval daily, from a set time (1200 noon) until sunset? After sunset, my desert like area cools super fast and the humidity in the greenhouse climbs quickly, so, extra misting is simply not needed. Thoughts?

@ryanfinkbiner - I might try a combination of a weather station inside the greenhouse (see for an example - unfortunately they are transitioning from their prototype Indiegogo campaign and fulfilling those orders to having stock on their site - so it may be 30 + days out before you could get one) and the IFTTT (If This Then That) app/service. One could set a trigger that when the humidity drops below a certain percent to trigger a run zone run from Rachio. One caveat - I have seen some delay with IFTTT and it is a cloud based solution so if one loses internet connectivity or there are hiccups along the way it could miss a trigger (say if it didn’t see the humidity go up). I might set two thresholds with a SMS text on the lower one.

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Thank you for the reply and ideas! I am also a Smartthings user and I found a sensor that measures temp and humidity specifically. I think I’ll use that sensor to govern rachio and my specific misting zone. The interval schedule would be amazing if I could set a daily end time, too.

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